As far back as I can remember I loved music, pop culture, and sports. At age 8 in 3rd grade, I made my 1st ever sale when Joey bought a Huey Lewis cassette tape. It bummed me out that I sold it so my mom ended up getting me a new one although she was caught off guard by me selling it. Since selling Joey that tape, I sold collectibles/music worldwide throughout my life.

Our 1st ever eBay sale dates back to 1997 when my mom was telling me about this new format to sell on. We were one of the 1st ever music/memorabilia stores on eBay and our presence was as strong as ever.

My first “in-person” Autograph experience was meeting Kirk Gibson with my father at a mall in 1985. Getting sports autographs led to my passion for music autographs in the mid-’90s. Being from Detroit, we’ve been lucky enough to have some of the greatest musicians to ever grace the planet come through. We’ve gone to many extremes from traveling all over America and parts of Canada obtaining autographs in person. We’ve also been fortunate enough to conduct private autograph signings with different actors and musicians. Although most of our items come certified by one of the top leading authenticators such as BAS, JSA, we personally guarantee them to pass any third-party inspection by those companies. For the items from our extensive inventory that haven’t been authenticated yet, we include our own personal COA Guarantee Card.

We were able to accomplish this because we are trusted, our amazing worldwide clientele, product quality, authenticity, service, and overall value. We were able to accomplish this because of You!


-Robert of Raretracks.